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Founded in 1922 by Fioravante Rapanelli with acquired experience previously as Former Creator and Manager of the “ Cooperative Arti Meccaniche”, Rapanelli Fioravante Spa may be considered as the “ most antique Italian Company for olive oil machinery production “
A small firm at start , representing the continuation of of previous activity of “ Società Industriale of Foligno”, which spread in last decades of 1900, the name of Foligno in all Italian olive oil areas .-
By focusing the Company target on research of new technologies allowing to increase olive oil market yield , Rapanelli Fioravante Spa succeeded on Italian Market and went on developping the Company , located in Foligno neigbourgh and reaching the maximum usable disponibility of 18.000m2 of whcich 10.000m2 as covered workshops .-
Therefore it is aCompany which boasts a solid and antique tradition , typical example of a family business having a great importance in the region , profusing a continuous desire for expansion, consolidation and a deep care for conservation of the high quality level of its products. Throughout research and commercialisation of adequate products as per market demand , Rapanelli Spa with an adequate commercial network throughout all olive regions in Italy and abroad has obtained a leadership position in the sector .-
Since few years now a new manufacturing site has implemented Foligno workshops area with 50.000sqm of which 3.500sqm covered area from where all latest technologies are produced.-
Especially patented machinery “ Sinolea” by improving considerably the oil quality , have given a great contribution to Extra Virgin Olive Oils valorisation not only in our region but in the whole mediteranean area .
In 1993, Rapanelli Fioravante Spa patented the Centrifugal Extraction without use of processing water.
Rapanelli Fioravante S.p.A.
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